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Sally Tomlinson made External Governor of Solihull College.

The team at Worktaster have been working hard to implement our 3-tier web and app system across schools and colleges around the UK. Our name is appearing more often across the network of educators and principles from different schools and colleges, as well as employers wanting to make sure their future employees have the right skills and motivation.

Recently, Sally Tomlinson; co-founder and head shareholder of Worktaster had been made external governor of Solihull College and University Centre for 2017. What does the role of a governor entail? Sally can give back her valuable experience, as an HR director for an SME in South Birmingham as well as the Worktaster journey, to help Solihull College and University Centre remain a supplier of Further Education and Apprenticeship courses throughout the region.  Employability skills and particularly work experience is a vital part of the journey to work for young people.  Sally’s wealth of experience in this area places her in a great position to be able to assist the SMT at Solihull achieve the best results for this students.

Solihull College and University Centre has ties to many employers and universities that work alongside them to provide as much support in bringing students to their desired profession.  In making Sally Tomlinson an external governor we hope to see the changes our presence makes, and maybe even see them appear on a national scale.