Solihull College and University Centre to Pilot

Solihull College and University Centre are to pilot a new platform to help their students find work experience placements as part of BTEC courses. is a mobile digital hub that aims to bring together the three main stakeholders, employers, schools and colleges, and young people using a visual, video based format.  Students will be able to browse available placements and build an online profile, including media and a video profile to apply to employers.  With a Knowledge Base to offer young people advice on careers and work experience and how best to present themselves, will be a resource students continue to use while they complete their education and training. Schools and colleges will be able to use the system to monitor their students progress, check health and safety and insurance information for employers and produce reports for internal reporting, and OFSTED inspectors- should the need arise.

According to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, young people are 40% more likely to get a job with work experience, but the number of students doing work experience placements has halved in recent years.  Worktaster aims to address this.