Touch Digital project has new focus with a mobile platform for work experience

Tech start up Worktaster has been awarded funding to be part of the ERDF funded Touch Digital project lead by Joanna Lumsden at Aston University.  The project will help Worktaster maximise usability and user experience in developing their new platform for helping young people find work experience.  Aimed at 14-19 year olds, will use a predominately visual format to increase engagement with its target audience.  Founders Claire Toher and Sally Tomlinson from Worktaster have been volunteering in many of their local schools and colleges to better understand the process as it exists today.  In recent presentation, Sally quoted a fact from recent UK Commission for Employment and Skills research which found that young people are 40% more likely to get a job with work experience. “It is too easy to just set young people up with finding a work experience placement and leave them to it, many of the schools we spoke with have either given up due to lack of success or are having to open classrooms during work experience week.  The recent CES report stated that young people are 40% more likely to get a job with work experience.  But the number of young people under the age of 19 doing work experience has halved in recent years.  Worktaster aims to address this issue my making the process transparent, easy and fair.”

Working with Touch Digital will enable the team at to increase usability and engagement using a visually stimulating environment predominantly on mobile devices.  Touch Digital will run a series of collaborative design workshops with students from local schools and colleges to produce a format that improves success rates for students looking for placements and helps hard pressed educators produce positive outcomes for their students.