Worktaster Receives Innovation Networks Grant

Tech  startup has been awarded grant funding from Innovation Networks through Coventry University.  Working with Judy Lambourne, Project Manager at Innovation Networks, Worktaster will be using the grant to build their platform to help young people find work experience. is a mobile digital hub, bringing together young people, employers and schools and colleges to make the process transparent, easy and fair.  Work experience has all to often been about who you know, which makes it even harder for young people from more socially deprived backgrounds get the work experience they need.  Sally Tomlinson and Claire Toher from Worktaster have been volunteering in local schools and colleges for theWorktaster Receives Innovation Networks Grant last 18 months to make sure the platform meets the needs of hard pressed educators and their students.  Using designs from agency Howell Penny and developed with Vibe Marketing, the platform will enable employers to offer work experience placements to a wider audience of young people, with a one touch system that reduces the hassle of offering work experience, ticks CSR boxes and keeps employers in contact with employees and customers of the future.

The team at Worktaster believe that employers want to help but the process is often fraught with difficulty.  Although the government has made some attempts to reduce red tape in allowing employers to offer work experience, local employers sometimes find it easier to say no, despite them believing in the principle of giving young people a work experience placement. will allow employers to engage with their local community with a one touch system that minimises the hassle and maximises the results.  One set of forms to complete that will be useable to everyone.  And Worktaster users will be able to upload video profiles to give employers more of a feel of their personality rather than just receiving dry printed CV’s.