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Giving Kids a Chance… Made Easy!

Young people are the future for us all. Every young person in your area is a potential employee, customer, consumer and recommender of your business. So why not steal a march on your competitors and engage early with young people through Worktaster? Worktasters one touch system cuts the paperwork and makes work experience as easy and rewarding as it can be for your business – and it’s free!

Boost Local Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility

The government and CBI are encouraging businesses to work together with schools. Research shows that school/business tie-ups radically improve the employability of young people, and it’s rewarding for your staff. But this can be seen as a hassle. Worktaster makes it easy to gain these benefits for your business. So do the right thing. Click below and start your engagement with young people now.


Access Young Talent

Employable, local young talent is a scarce resource in today’s world. As well as widening the pool of employable youngsters, Worktaster gives you access to these young people ahead of your competitors. Sell your business to young people and win the talent race with WorkTaster.

Tailor Employment Skills to What You Need

Tired of seeing CV’s with the wrong blend of skills, qualifications and experience? So join the conversation! Tell young people what will make them attractive employees while they’re 14 and 15. That way they have the chance to make the right choices! Help build a future in your area where local talent can deliver long term growth.


Fresh Ideas and a New Perspective…

Unprejudiced minds can provide a fertile research facility. Worktaster gives your business access to teenagers and their perspective on life and your business. Test new ideas, and try a little market research. Engaging young people within your business can bring surprising results…

Inside Knowledge of the Youth Market

The adolescent mind is wired to work differently. What better way could there be to work out how teenagers use social media, technology, how they research products and how they choose to communicate? Worktaster can give you an inside track.


Easy, Fair and It Works

We all know work experience is usually about “who you know”. We also know it’s a “good thing” – but contrary to what you may have heard, work experience is not a health and safety nightmare, it doesn‘t require extra insurance, and it needn’t be a hassle with Worktasters one touch system to save completing endless forms for every placement you give. Click now to discover how to make work experience with your business fair, open and easy.