Worktaster is about helping young people reach their full potential.  And if that can  help a few overworked school and college careers advisors along the way, all the better. The Worktaster vision came when two friends ran a marathon together in 2013.  After struggling to find their own children work experience, Worktaster founders Sally Tomlinson and Claire Toher began to wonder how difficult it must be to arrange and co-ordinate this process for over 500,000 young people every year! When they started their research, they discovered that despite being 40% more likely to get a job with work experience, the number of young people doing work experience in the UK had halved in recent years.

Since the early days, the idea has morphed hugely as the  Worktaster team have seen the challenges faced by all the stakeholders. Worktaster evolved into a holistic system to develop the skills and decision-making and motivation of young people.

Worktaster makes Work Experience fairer and easier for students, employers and educators. It’s a one touch system which streamlines the administration for employers, reducing workload and engaging students in an industry early

Sally sat on the board of an inner city business for 20 years where she specialised in HR, strategy and  talent management and has been volunteering in schools around South Birmingham to develop work experience.

Claire spent 10 years managing a recruitment business, now runs her own business and also volunteers at local schools to develop work experience.

Jerry has senior digital marketing and general management experience, including new business launches. He is currently Managing Director of the consumer arm of a major UK insurer.

Martin has run several online retail businesses, managing SEO and digital marketing from the 'coal face'.  He currently runs a digital marketing business based in the Midlands.