Worktaster makes work experience fairer and easier for students, educators and employers.

...for Schools & Colleges

How Worktaster helps Schools and Colleges get Ofsted-Ready

Engage your Students...

Build Employability...

Measure Progress...

The Worktaster system takes the stress out of sorting work experience. Schools will get:

  • Easy admin, reporting and measurement
  • Auto-chase up of students
  • Lesson plans how-to’s and check-lists
  • Co-ordinating work experience is no longer a nightmare
  • Improves your CEIAG and OFSTED
  • Supports students
  • Holds employer database, including
  • Health & Safety

...for Students

Kickstart your career

It’s WAY easier to get a job with work experience. Worktaster will help you.

  • Why you need work experience
  • Work out what you’re good at
  • Find a career you’ll love,
  • Browse work experience placements
  • Build a CV and profile that will show you at your best
  • Use the Worktaster knowledge base to get ahead
  • Worktaster will organise you, guide you, give you reminders and make you look good
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...for Business

Worktaster ticks the boxes
for employers

Worktaster makes giving work experience easy,
and boosts your CSR.

  • Give kids in your area a chance
  • Put on a great work experience
  • Ideas and best practice
  • Engage your community and
  • improve social responsibility
  • Gain fresh ideas
  • Easy to administer
  • Avoid red tape and hassle
  • Know you´re doing the right thing